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Good Morning Frends

on May 10, 2020

Dear frends,

Yesterday I was very pleased to receive offers from those of you who want to help me with my spelling.  It was hard for me to ask for help, because as a teacher and writer when I was younger I  had no trouble spelling words. I think that what has happened to me know are the results of my age and being confined inside my apartment everyday. Although I receive lots of food regularly and other necessary items, I get very little information about what is happening in our building or outside, and I have no physical contact with anyone; only a few phone calls.  Most of my information coms from television, and that is usually disheartening.  So I think all of you can see why it’s hard for me to spell words and why I need to reach out to friends or family members.

So, let’s go slow with just one word helper at a time.  When I write I will send the piece to  just one person, and wait for the results.  Then when I get it I will post.  Dose that seem reasonable?  Let me know what you think, and I will follow your best suggestions.




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