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Teaching Children at Home

on May 14, 2020

Many years ago I was a teacher in a public school where students were placed in groups because they had different abilities. But now teaching children by telephones has become necessary in many places because it is dangerous for them to go outside to school. Keeping students at home may be good for there health, but does it help there learning?

Yesterday, when I met a teacher friend she praised the current practice of teaching students at home because it isn’t dangerous, but walking to school is. That new way of teaching keeps students together, but it also means that there different abilities are not considered.

When I was a teacher we separated students into ability groups for reading because it  helped them to learn well. Moving a child from one group to another as needed was common in schools back then, and it didn’t bother children or their parents.

So how should reading be taught now when children are at home and teachers are in school unable to teach different lessons at the same time?  Just remember that now is a hard time for teachers, but a blessing for kids and there parents. In the future there will be more hard work and safety for every one once more.

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