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My Complaints Today

on May 16, 2020

Today I would like to get your opinions on an important matter.  Most of us here at the Watermark are growing old, but we are still healthy.  We can walk, talk, behave and even help our friends when they need us. But right now we have a serous problem.

For many weeks we have ben confined inside our apartments were we are not exposed to the virus that has killed many people.  So far, I5 people living here have died, and as a result our managers set strong rules that will keep the rest of us safe.

Although we understand and respect those rules we are not happy being confined inside our apartments.  Although we can eat our meals and receve all the important items sent to us,  we can’t  mix with other people. As the result, I now look bad, make mistakes everyday, and forget to do the things I should be doing, like taking my health pills on time. Before I was confined in my apartment I was able to do my daily tasks, spell words correctly, and remember where to put my clothes. But know every day is difficult for me and everyone else living in there apartments.  Although I have not ben destroyed by my mistakes,  I have ben strongly irritated by them.  My fears are not abought what is happening know, but abought what we will be able to do once we are free again.

Please don’t pity me know, I will survive. Just suggest things I could do to feel better.

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