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Recognizing Our Black Partners

on June 19, 2020

Not long ago, while watching television, I was surprised to hear news and see a photo of a police officer pushing a black man face down onto ground where he could no longer breathe. Although other police officers and people walking by watched what was happening, none of them yelled or tried to stop the first officer’s treatment of the black man. But I, watching television, was appalled by the behavior of the people I saw doing nothing to stop the terrible treatment of this black man.

Only a few days later those who had seen or heard news of what had happened decided to protest it, in the same way they and many others protested earlier against the the closing of business buildings and eating places.

Because white Americans have long known that many black people are often mistreated or wrongly arrested, we should not be silent anymore. Instead, we should work to end all those mistakes and bad actions as soon as possible.

Our desire to improve respect for black people began in the minds of young white Americans and has been supported by their parents and other older people. We have all known the need for a strong positive movement. And many of our young Americans have heard a soft “Amen” from the voices of there parents and other older people who are still at home watching television and cheering the marchers. Clearly it is time for all of us to recognize black people as our equals, and our friends.

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