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How to Save our Country

on June 25, 2020

Although I understand why many Americans don’t wear masks when swimming or walking outside where there are no people, it’s hard for me to figure out why others go to restaurants or other crowded places without them. By now, I think all adults are well aware of the risks for themselves and everyone else when they are among theam. But it looks like manyof them don’t care or are quite stupid.  It is not just there own health that is at issue, but that of everyone they come in contact with, including friends and family members.

Today, all of us in our country are in danger because of the virus and the possible result of serious illnesses or death. So, isn’t that a good reason why adults who don’t wear a mask when they go out should receive a citations just like anyone else who has misbehaved publicly? That’s what happens now when a person acting illegally can be stopped by a police officer, fined, or even arrested.

So I’m proposing today that anyone outside in public without a mask, should be considered a criminal, and punished for his crime.  I think someone who threatens the health of others must payfor it. I thinkt that the amount of money could be small  and still persuade a person not waring a mask in public not to do it again.

What I’ve suggested is that all our states should take the one step that would protect all of us.  Ultimately, that action, or any similar one, may be the only way to save our country from a complete destruction.

2 responses to “How to Save our Country

  1. Anne Kolibaba Larkin says:

    Joanne, thought you’d be interested that Gov. Kate Brown has mandated that masks be worn in all public places, indoors and out. However, the authorities in Multnomah County have said they are not going to enforce it, as reported in Sunday’s Oregonian; you can probably find the article online. This situation brings to mind a school where I taught, where the principal promoted school-wide behavior expectations, with few if any consequences if expectations weren’t met. If a mandate or a requirement is not accompanied by a reasonable consequence for noncompliance, then said mandate or requirement is, in fact, a request. Let’s just be honest about all of this and use accurate words.


  2. berniemon13 says:

    Very much to the point. But so many people believe it can’t happen to them. Or else they are making a political statement by not wearing a mask.. They should be fined.


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