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How to live With the Virus Today

on July 20, 2020

Dear Readers,. 

In posting my opinions today I want to make clear that much of what I write is based on my experience as the mother of four children, a teacher, and finally, a school principle. Because of my experience I have developed strong opinions that may bother some of my readers. But I want to describe them anyway in order to open a true picture of where we are today and what we can do to make our lives workable today and better in the future.

Most importantly however, I advise parents to not send their children to school at this time. The possibility of getting the virus disease is very strong all over our country. Instead of risking the health of our children, we should stay home and keep them with us or close by, because our schools are not safe right know. When this country gets clean again–and it will- our children will then be able to catch up on their learning and be healthy enough to go back to schools that have cleared out the virus. 

Because of these hard times I think that children will be much better off at home than at school. They can learn well there if there parents provide books for them to read and talk with them aboght what they have read. Although buying books is expensive these days, you can work out a plan with your frends. Each of you shoud buy diferent books for your children to read and then exchange them later with each other. In adition, It’s not necessary now for you to make tests for your children. You can easily find out what they know by asking them to write abouught the things theve read. It’s also good for children to send cards or letters to friends and family members. Tell them to start writing and you will help them with any hard words. Because spelling may be difficult for young children, don’t hesitate to write down any words they want, and then give them what you’ve written to copy. You will soon find ought how quickly and correctly your children write and spell. Infact they will learn how to write new words by coppying the ones you write.

Although some adults think they can avoid the virus by being strong and healthy, they may go everywhere without wearing masks. As a result the numbers of sick people keep increasing. At times some hospitals have gotten so full of sick people that many of them diyed while others waited outside to get in.  So far, elderly people are the ones most often killed by the virus, while young children seem to be free from it entirely. What really bothers me abought the disease is that anyone can be struck by the virus more than once, while most other diseases are only a onetime event. Apparently, the virus is not an ordinary disease, but instead it’s like the alcohol that makes people drunk every time they drink it. 

What bothers me most when reading newspapers or listening to television is that our country is in great dainger while thousands of people behave as if everything was normal like it ws in the recent past. They ignorethe fact that w are all threatened by the large amounts of virus that come our way. And unfortunately, it looks like too many people have refused to recognize the danger of the virus and are continuing to avoid wearing masks.

To be fair to the scientists, doctors, and geniuses who have not yet come up with a solution, we are all facing a powerful and never before known disease.  The best anyone can do is to find a way to live safely until some genius emerges with a miracle or the world changes back to its normal behavior.  For all the people who have already been harmed by the virus there best choice now is to retire and live as far away from it as possible.  At the same time all adults that are still healthy, and their children, should be told that the virus may harm them many times and ruine there lives..

If those warnings had ben given earlyer and explained in newspapers and magazines, we all might have ben more successful in wearing masks when we were close to other people. I also think that doctors and scientists should have stepped forward and criticized Trump for his dangerous suggestions.  The fact that he still does not wear a mask publicly may have ben a joke that led thousands of other people into illness or death. Even when our leaders knew abought the danger of the virus they failed to inform the wrest of us because that would have endangered there wealth and let the public know how little they understood abought the virus. We all should be ashamed of there failure. 


2 responses to “How to live With the Virus Today

  1. Nancy Belkov says:

    Yes, I am ashamed of the ignorance of our leaders and their unwillingness to acknowledge that this is a crisis where we need to be led by the scientists and medical people who are studying the best ways to prevent and deal with spread of this dangerous virus!


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