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Another Complaint About Opening Schools

on July 14, 2020

While I was discussing the opening of our public schools with a friend I said that students who attend won’t learn much because there will be many problems in schools that can’t be easily resolved. For example, all teachers and students will have to wear masks in order to avoid any virus that might come into the school. So when the teachers speak the students will have trouble understanding what they said. If students respond or ask questions there words will also be hard to understand. When the time comes for students to start working, there will be new problems such as how can students share the use of books, tools and other items that have been previously used by others possibly carrying the virus?

My vision of safety for this year is very little speaking by teachers or students. And the students would have to be told not to touch any school materials, such as workbooks regularly handled by everyone in the classroom. They also shouldn’t be allowed to go outside their classrooms to visit a gymnasium, lunchroom, nor should they even walk in school hallways because there might be virus left by others in those places. Even bathroom visits are going to be a problem.

I understand student’s learn better in the classroom, and all the other social and educational advantages. But what could be the benefit of having students back into dangerous schools this coming year, getting infected, getting sick, and bringing the virus to parents, friends and family, some of of who may be at risk for serious complications or even death?  All I can think of is the selfish motives of Donald Trump.

At this point I’ve done more than enough criticizing and complaining. I would just like to know what you readers think about Trump’s decision to insist on the opening all public schools to in-person learning, without any assurance of safety. If any of you see how opening schools now would benefit children and their parents, please let me know what those will be. Then I will apologize for my ignorance to everyone, and also to Trump.

2 responses to “Another Complaint About Opening Schools

  1. Jane Watson says:

    Please don’t apologize to Trump – ever. Your comments are excellent; in school as usual is a thing of the past. Been wondering how long it took to get back to “normal” after the 1918 pandemic….


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