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Our World Today is Still Undecided

on October 6, 2020

Dear readers,

I have been waiting for a clear decision about who will be our country’s leader for the next four years. But since that is still not decided I am posting my current views and hopes for the future.

When I first heard about Trump’s illness I began to think we were moving close to the end of our hard times with his bad behavior. I thought that the virus would destroy him as it had done to thousands of other young, old, and healthy people. At the very least, I thought the experience would bring him some insight and humility. It seemed to me that God always shows us that even our most powerful people cannot avoid the pandemic and it’s worst results.

Please understand that I am not trying to insult or destroy Trump. I am only reminding you that many of the most powerful, intelligent, wealthy, and religious people in our county have died unexpectedly with others and for no good reasons. Trump has chosen to live dangerously, in the hope that he will be able to continue his flouting of norms and dividing our country. But there is not yet any certainty of what will be the end of his performances or the decision of this year’s voters.

Now, as we watch Trump’s extreme efforts to undermine our democracy, we can only watch quietly and hope that God and you people decide wisely for him and us.

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