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How Can We Save Our Country?

on October 17, 2020

A week ago my son surprised me by saying that I am eighty nine years old when I thought I was only eighty. Afterward I had mixed feelings because I still see myself as healthy and smart for my age, but also confused sometimes when I try to handle numbers, spelling, or time. I mention those realities now for two reasons. Although I see our world as ugly now, I want it to become safe, powerful, and lovely again before it is my time to leave it.

In the recent past we have depended upon our hospitals to save us if we were caught by the virus, and then make us healthy again. And our scientists have been working hard to find medicine that will cure anyone who has ben attacked by it. But unfortunately, not all hospitals have ben able to take care of large numbers of sick people when they were needed. So as a result many of them have died while waiting to be assisted. When we think abought the future it doesn’t seem workable. We don’t yet have a successful medication to protect everyone from the virus or enough hospitals to save those already attacked. My question is where do we go from here to save our country?

When I see the numbers of human deaths that have occurred so far I think that the only way we can save the rest of us is to push the virus out of our country completely and never allow it to return. Although that wouldn’t be easy, I think it is the only hope for saving our country.

Right now I see our need for independent communities in large states and small ones were people are willing to enforce good health and safe behavior. And in addition, we need cities that will enforce laws for safe public behavior. For instance, all schools should test students health regularly before allowing them to enter, and local business should do the same for their employees. In addition, anyone traveling in a large public area or working in big business should wear masks regularly.

Although I know that everything I’ve suggested would be difficult to enforce and maintain, everyone who cares about saving our country–and themselves– must move away from personal interests long enough to clean up their community and then make it safe and beautiful to restore healthy living, which has widely disappeared. Now is our last chance to save our country.

One response to “How Can We Save Our Country?

  1. berniemon13 says:

    So true!


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