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A Good Day Inside My Apartment

on May 1, 2020

As I write today I will not be complaining as I usually do. Why?  Because not only have I spent very little money this weak, not eaten at a restaurant, gone to a movie, had my hare cut, or bought any new close. So what dose it matter if I don’t look pretty?

I’ve also  lost a few pounds by not eating a lot of food every day, and that has really surprised me.  Most of the food brought to my apartment doesen’t look very appealing even though it is the same kind I used to eat before in the big dining room down stairs. I guess because it’s cold, comes in a cardboard basket, and without flowers, music, or friends. So I just gobble it down while I’m standing in the kitchen, and I take the desert first because that’s what I like the most. Unfortunately, eating a meal that way is messy, and I usually leave bits of garbage on the floor. But that happens fast and dosent force me to get dressed up and play with other people.

After I’ve finished eating I get into my pajamas and try to find something worth watching on television. But that often turns out to be the best part of my day.  On the large television in my living room there are hundreds of programs, many of them the same or  looking similar. Most of them are about twelve or more years old, but that just makes me feel young again.

Although I go on every day doing the same things and watching the same boring television shows, I feel good. I havant picked up any virus yet, or organized a militia to go outside and meet the guards protecting the building. That means success to me.





7 responses to “A Good Day Inside My Apartment

  1. Jane Watson says:

    Stay safe!

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  2. berniemon13 says:

    Very clever. I Enjoyed your article


  3. writerjoney says:

    Thank you! I’ve gotten so crazy that I am coming up with good ideas.


  4. writerjoney says:

    We are so safe that none of our famaly members can get near us.


  5. Great to hear you are in good spirits!


  6. Great to hear you are in good spirits. Do you have a balcony or patio?


  7. writerjoney says:

    Unfortunately, neither one. Why do you ask? Which one is better for jumping?


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